Exploring the World of Process Safety Management

Monday, October 29, 2018
Osgoode Ballroom West

Led by Amanda Sistilli, ERCO Worldwide and Parnian Jadidian

What is process safety? How is it related to chemical engineering and why is it important for all chemical engineers to be knowledgeable of the hazards and risks at their workplace? We discuss all that and more in this interactive workshop. We will work through the thought process involved in making risk-based decisions and discuss strategies to prevent or minimize loss of life, property, and reputation while working with explosive, flammable, toxic and other hazardous materials and processes. We will also explore the various careers within the Process Safety Management industry and how risk-based decision-making concepts can be applied to every facet of a facility’s operations.



Registration is open for the "Exploring the World of Process Safety Management" workshop. Priority will be given to pre-registered attendees, but drop-ins are welcome if there is space available.

The target audience for this workshop is undergraduate students. However, all conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Speaker Bios

Amanda Sistilli is a Process Safety Engineer at ERCO Worldwide. She joined ERCO Worldwide after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto in 2011. Sistilli worked as a Process Engineer-in-Training from 2011-2014 and then transitioned to Process Safety Management (PSM) in 2014. In her current role, she supports process safety initiatives at two Canadian ERCO plants and two US sites. This work allows her to collaborate with plant personnel and corporate teams to address safety concerns while balancing operational needs. Sistilli also facilitates and participates in hazard assessments, incident investigations, audits and pre-start-up safety reviews for ERCO sites. Since 2015, she has been actively involved with the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers (CSChE) Process Safety Management Division. She has co-hosted workshops with Parnian Jadidian to educate chemical engineering students on the basic principles of Process Safety Management for the past 3 years. Sistilli is also working on obtaining her certificate in Enterprise Risk Management with the goal of applying her knowledge to make a stronger business case for safety in industry. In her spare time, Sistilli enjoys coaching a dragonboat team, playing the violin, and trying new foods.

Parnian Jadidian just recently completed her Master’s of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at University of Toronto. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Toronto in 2011 and worked as a Junior Process Engineer (EIT) and a Loss Prevention Consultant for over six years. Her consulting work focused on identifying and evaluating fire and explosion potential at industrial and commercial facilities as well as developing and implementing solutions to mitigate or reduce the potential loss. Drawing on this experience, Jadidian’s graduate research focused on the development of modules for teaching safety and professionalism to university students in collaboration with industry partners as part of a consistent long-term effort to improve safety culture in academic institutions. This approach is intended to act as a first step towards development of a complete curriculum to better prepare the future workforce for their ethical and professional responsibilities. Jadidian has been actively involved with the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers (CSChE) Process Safety Management Division since 2015.  As part of this involvement, she has co-hosted workshops with Amanda Sistilli to educate chemical engineering students on the basic principles of Process Safety Management and its importance in engineering design.  Outside of the working world, Jadidian enjoys running with her dog and reading fantasy and science fiction.